“You’re going to be frightening the crap out of the big boys.” — John Churan, WVOX


Frequently Asked Questions


Do RedSonic™ speakers use separate amplifiers or do the units come with amplification?

RedSonic™ modular audio systems are available with both standard and powered units.


Are RedSonic™ speakers just for guitar and bass players?

No. RedSonic™ modular audio can be used for DJ equipment, larger venue arenas, home stereo, car stereo, and even small desktop units for computers.


Are RedSonic™ Sound speakers compatible with current tube and solid state amplifiers?

Yes. They have been designed to work in groups of one, two, and four speakers that can be linked together exactly as is now done with typical cabinets currently used.


How many ohms are RedSonic™ speakers?

RedSonic™ speakers come with ohm selector switches so that they can be configured in four, eight, and 16 ohm resistance.


Can RedSonic™ speakers be used with stereo or dual amplifiers?

Yes. They work exactly the same as a typical 4 x 12′ stereo half stack with dual inputs in each group of two or four speakers.


Do RedSonic™ speakers have the same sound quality as the most popular stack type speakers today?

Actually, with the advent of our patented adjustable ports, we can produce better and more versatile sound quality whereby the user can tweak reporting to his or her individual taste.


Is RedSonic™ Modular Audio available only with one size speaker?

No. As the company grows, we will be offering many different size units – both with and without built-in amplifiers with DSP.