About RedSonic™

From a young boy's dreams…

Founder Jonathan Redmond started playing guitar at the ambitious young age of 10.
From the time he was 14 or 15, all he ever wanted was a famous ``stack``. He saved and saved,
until, one day, he bought that amp. It was beautiful - jet black, looked amazing, came with
wheels, and boy was it heavy.

Jonathan didn't realize how heavy.

``A dolly. That's what I'll get. A dolly.`` And that's he used to get around. Of course, Jonathan
never thought about the fact that his coveted amp really needed two people to haul it up and
down subway stairs - friend or complete stranger. Didn't fit in a taxicab trunk, unless he was
lucky enough to get a Checker cab (are they still around?).

So here was this kid running around the city with a humongous amp. It was crazy. And that
was just a half stack. He wanted a full stack!

Frankly, that's where and when this whole idea started.

Not to mention a good used popular brand name half stack will cost you a grand.

RedSonic™ is born.
We know you. From your ever challenging trek through concrete jungles, concert halls and
backstages, simply put, we solved the audio transportability issue. How? Because we offer
extreme audio quality and durability as well, and it's THAT combination that does it for us.

Now let RedSonic™ do it for you!

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