Fill a room, or a stadium, with RedSonic Modular Audio.

RedSonic amplifiers infinitely snap together – like building blocks –

Each at 300-Watts of power, individually powered, full DSP, fully tunable (you heard it right).
And no more lugging heavy amps! At less than 15 pounds each, you can literally carry your half-stack on your back with one of our very own RedSonic comfort cases.
Raw power, portability, infinitely expandable, what more do you need? Oh yeah, made in the U.S.A.

Scalability: Building Block Technology

Available soon:

Individual high powered amps. We can provide DSP in all our models, with up to several hundred watts per unit!

Audio Versatility as well as Quality?

How About 0% Compromise On Audiophile Expectations?

State-of-the-art tunable port, full DSP modeling, in a highly portable amp.

Transportability And Then Some

It's All In Our Mission

These are our origins: focused upon ``very light`` and ``very powerful``. Why don't you join us?

Model Versatility & Our Custom Shop

We Used to Think 100 Watts Was the S**t.

For the bassist, the gospel group, and the DJ, what could you do with 1600 watts or more?

Why RedSonic™ Modular Audio Systems

Building Block Technology
Modular Shape Shifting
RedSonic™ True Innovation

How’d We Do It?
We designed and developed a patent-pending modular audio audio amplification system that dramatically reduces the size, the weight, the bulkiness, and cost of nearly every other well known amplifier brand on the market today. In fact, compare our huge power capability and transportability alone, and you’ll be impressed.  Not to mention our RedSonic™ amps are as light as a feather.
RedSonic™ is a true scalable audio (“building block technology”) system which can grow as you grow, which also means you won’t grow out of it.
We call this: RedSonic™ True Innovation.
Anything else?
We can provide DSP in all our models.
Anything else?
Tuneable ports! Try finding that elsewhere in a modular system.
Anything else?
RedSonic™ modular audio units will be completely designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., will naturally come in different sizes (8″, 10″, 12″, custom); and at a significantly lower price point than what you may be used to (stay tuned as we have just launched our company)…
What else?
Nothing. All you need to do is carry around a 30lb. soft bag (shoulder strap included), then easily slide our units together in the typical pairs.  Isn’t that everything?


Bottom line, RedSonic is all about creative, practical and beautiful ideas in audio engineering.



The Great RedSonic Speaker Giveaway.
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There will be two lucky winners. Winners will be drawn on or about September 9, 2014.
Visit our Booth (Booth# 537, Hall A) at NAMM 2014 (Nashville, TN, July 17-19, 2014)
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